Saturday, October 13, 2012

Emeline is 3!!!

It is so hard to believe that our sweet girl is 3.  She amazes us each day with how big she is both in size and personality.  We are truly blessed.  Below are some of my favorite pictures from Emeline's 3 year portrait session.
 Sweet girl.

Our sweet family of 3 about to be 4.
 Something sure was funny.
 Loving on her baby sister.
 She came up with the idea to put her arms around us all by herself.
 Her expression is priceless!!!
 I love these two!
 Having some fun.
 Like I said, personality.
 And, a little sassy.
 When I look at this picture I see my mom.
 My baby girl!!!!
She is a cutie!!!

Such a big girl now but, I love that she still wants to cuddle at night time.  Her favorite is sitting in daddy's lap and watching a movie.

There are so many more pictures that I didn't include.  Chelsi, our photographer, is really amazing.  If anyone is looking for a good photographer Chelsi is your girl.  Check out her website Surely Sweet Photography

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 Tarrant County Heart Walk

On Saturday we (as a family) participated in the American Heart Association Tarrant County Heart Walk.  Justin's former boss and mentor, Rob, was co-chair for the event.  Justin worked really hard with AHA team to help organize the event.  Justin also had a hand in organizing the Lockheed Group.  Lockheed had over 1,000 folks walking in the event.  Below are some pictures of the event.

 Emeline doing the pre-walk stretches.

 Emeline and Justin before the walk started.

 Finishing strong, getting a little jog in during the walk.

 I just love her smile here!

 Daddy carrying his little champion across the finish line.

We actually walked the shorter track, 1 mile, versus the full walk of 3.5 miles.  Justin had to get back to the Lockheed tent to setup for the post walk festivities.

 Getting back before the rest of the crowd Emeline beat the lines for getting her face painted and then hitting the bounce house.

She had so much fun!

I took several pictures of the walk and Emeline decided that she wanted to join in on the picture taking.  The photos below were all taken by her.  And, these were not taken with a little point and shoot.  These were all taken with my DSLR.  I think we might have a little photographer on our hands.  I just need to find her a camera her size.

 Daddy during warm-ups.

 Still warming up.  You can even see Rob in the background. 

 Emeline's crowd shot at the Lockheed tent.

Her picture of mommy.  Yes, I had to scrunch down to get into the shot.  With the bright sunlight she could not see the screen.

The walk was definitely a success.  I am so proud of Justin and everyone else involved for all the hard work he put into helping organizing this event.  I am sure this is one we will continue to do as a family for years to come. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ski Trip

Last week we went on a ski trip to beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado.  We used to go all the time growing up.  I have so many wonderful memories as a kid there and wanted to share them with Justin and Emeline.  So, we conned my parents into going with us to watch Emeline while Justin and I went skiing.  Everyone had a blast!  Emeline loved the family time and Justin was bit by skiing bug.  Below are pictures from the trip in no order.

 Justin in ski school.  He took a 1/2 day and picked it up very quickly.
 The two of us at the top of Peachtree (bunny slope).
 View from the Houston run.
 Em the stay-puff marshmellow baby.
 Pulling Ga on the sled.
 Family snow fight.  Emeline is on the other side of the ridge with Justin.

 Snow family.
 View from the condo.
 Ready to go outside wearing Ga's gloves.  Some how we lost one glove between the airport and the condo.
 View of the peak Crested Butte is known for.
The beautiful snow that fell our last day there.  This was taken in the town of Crested Butte.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stock Show

Since the stock show is going on right now in Fort Worth, Justin and I decided to take Em.  She had a blast!  We walked through the barns and saw the donkeys, cows, horses and pigs.  Em loved seeing all the animals!  She had no problem with the animals with the exception of the cows.  She was fine with them as long as they didn't come up to the front of the stalls.  She didn't like them getting too close.  When they would get up and start moving towards her she would yell "no walk cows, no walk!" 

Her favorites were the FFA Childrens' Barn, Horse Barns, Petting Zoo and Pony Ride. Everyone was so incredibly nice. Several of the folks opened up their horse stalls to let us come in and pet their horses. Em was so happy!

 Em and I checking out the pigs at the Childrens' barn.  We were laughing at the piglets.  They had a heat lamp set up and the piggies were piling up in the corner.
Riding the pony.  She and Scooter had fun.  While riding she informed me that she needed a horse.  Here is a video of her riding.  I can just see in a few years us taking a stab at riding lessons.


Today was Em's last soccer game.  All season she hasn't been that big a fan.  Usually we have to drag her on the field and watch her cry that the other kids are not sharing.  Well last week she did better but, this week she was an ALLSTAR!!!  She ran all over that field kicking the ball and even scored a goal! I am sad to say she was a complete ball hog! I think that Aunt Renee and Ga showing up caused Miss Priss to show off.

After the game we took team photos and received medals!

 Group shot.  Go team Apple Slice!
Proud little girl with her medal!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Houston Aquarium

While in Houston, we went to see the Houston Aquarium.  Pops joined us.
 Checking out the fish with Pops.
 I see a fish.
 One of the tanks.
 Fake smilein front of a tank.
 Checking out the sting ray tank.
 They are getting close mommy!
 No I don't want to touch!!!!

 Deep sea diver Em!
 One tired tiger!
Em and Pops posing with the tiger.